About marmalade                                                                           

Marmalade - a sweet treat that simply melts in your mouth , leaving a fragrant aftertaste of fruit and juicy berries , causes flutter the hearts of many a sweet tooth . Marmalade was prepared by thickening the pulp or juice of various fruits sweet using gelatin , pectin or agar - agar.

  • The most popular among confectionery

  • Well suited for decorating pastries and other desserts

  • A great addition to a light breakfast or day tea party

  • Great dessert, delicious , easy and healthy

Аbout Marshmallow 

Zephyr has a pleasant sweet aroma , tastes from sweet to sour and sweet , with a dash of fruit shades . In addition, the marshmallow is very useful product . The composition of raw materials for cooking marshmallows include pectin and agar, with unique properties. This product is enjoyable by itself , or as part of a variety of desserts , cakes and pastries.

  • For production use agar and pectin

  • They are made only from natural raw materials

  • without GMO

  • amazing taste

About sweets 

Candy - is a little holiday that is always with you . Constant feature of our products is quality, so in all kinds of candy picked up and blend the finest ingredients , chief among them - condensed milk, because only it can create a true fragrant unforgettable taste . The visual component of the product is one of the most significant in its consumer perception .

  • Natural raw materials of high quality

  • Chief of the ingredients - condensed milk

  • Amazing taste

  • Colorful and original wrapper

About  Marshmallow sticks


Marshmallow sticks- a traditional delicacy useful , familiar to all from childhood . This confection obtained by striking fruit and berry puree with sugar and egg whites , and then mixing with hot glue the syrup of sugar , molasses and agar .

  • Natural raw materials of high quality

  • Amazing taste

  • Colorful and original wrapper

  • For production use applesauce

About toffee


Toffee - a special kind of pastry, prepared from a mixture of molasses , sugar , oil or butter and condensed milk . The product can be added ingredients like crushed peanuts, sunflower seeds and t.d.Osnovnoy iris structure always remains the same , but the product shape may be different . For example , butterscotch may be in the form of blocks or squares. Characterized by iris and manufacturing method - it can be cast or tirage .

  • Natural raw materials of high quality

  • Chief of the ingredients - condensed milk

  • Amazing taste

  • Colorful and original wrapper

History of company

SC "Red Mozyryanin" is one of the oldest enterprises of the food industry in Belarus.
History of the factory started in 1913, founded its local landowner Horvat. A rich landowner built a factory for processing of fruits and vegetables of their estates, using cheap labor and raw materials in the future it becomes a candy factory. Artisanal company gave the landlord a good profit. The civil war and the war with the White Poles led to the complete destruction of the enterprise. It is not possible to restore the factory until 1925. In 1925 the party organization Mozyr took patronage over the factory. It was prepared and found to have repaired the simplest equipment shops. In honor of the friendly assistance Mozyr factory workers given the name "RED Mozyryanin". In the same year, the company has given the young Soviet country's first products: chocolates, toffee, jam, jam, candy, jellies, marshmallows.




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